iTRUST® 2.0 Hardware

  IP-PoE+ Intelligent Control Equipment
Unified Digital Controller (UDC)

The UDC is designed for access control applications of all sizes and requirements. The UDC is the industry’s premier 2-reader, 2-door, Power over Ethernet (PoE+) IP-based access controller. Powered by Monitor Dynamics’ BlueEdge Technology, the UDC delivers simple plug-and-play installation utilizing PoE+ power and reducing overall installation cost and configuration time. The UDC empowers small organizations in need of entry-level access control with the processing capacity required for the largest enterprise-wide applications. The UDC is a dualport Ethernet IP panel that transmits entry and exit data via high speed communications. Utilizing a Linux-based processor for stability, the UDC communicates to the head-end with complete failover, at rates exponentially faster than standard serial based communications.

As a scalable hardware device located at the edge of the network, the UDC comes with two downstream RS-485 communication ports that can be used to connect various combinations of field hardware, including additional UDC panels (up to 31 devices). As an enterprise-grade controller, the UDC can scale to support 250,000 cardholders and 50,000 events - standard.

Farpointe’s green “eco-technology” readers, combined with
iTRUST 2.0, deliver the ability to manage and reduce the excessive power consumed by traditional facility access control systems – offering tangible savings to end users on their power bills.
Primary Panel Features:
  • PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) Compatibility
  • Flash Updatable Firmware
  • 2 x 256 MB Flash Memory (512 MB)
  • Dual (2) Reader Interface
  • Support for 32 doors
  • Supports up to 250,000 Card Holders**
  • Supports up to 50,000 Events in Buffer**
  • IPV4 Compatible, IPV6 Capable
  • Dual Path Ethernet Communication (2 Network IP Addresses/MAC Addresses)
  • Web Based Setup and Configuration (Local and Remote Diagnostics)
  • Reader Inputs: Wiegand, Magnetic and Smart Card Readers (up to 256 Bits)
  • 250/800 MHz ARM Processor with 64 MB External Memory Expandable to 800 MHz ARM Processor with 256 MB of External Memory

The standard issue Pyramid access card readers that are offered in the iTRUST kits are manufactured by our product partner - Farpointe Data. These readers offer a feature called ‘card present’. Upon access card read, a reader can transmit a signal, via the card present line (yellow cable), to activate, or wake up, the iTRUST access controller from a low power, energy saving state. With that, based upon the specific identity of the card holder, iTRUST can trigger and wake up additional integrated systems that may exist.
  • Less hardware
  • Minimal terminations
  • Less wiring (CAT-5 based)
  • Easy to add new doors
  • Full stand-alone intelligence
  • IP-PoE+
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